Product Design for C.A.L.M.

Product design for Campaign Against Living Miserably (C.A.L.M), a mental health charity dedicated to prevent male suicide.

Whilst suicide rate has been declining since 1981, it remains the leading cause of death for men under 45 in UK. Statistically, according to ONS data, the male suicide rate has been consistently three-times higher than the female. It was under this premise that CALM was set up.

The air-freshener is an example of the promotional materials to raise awareness of the services the charity provides. The product enabled the promoted message (helpline number and contact details) to be kept in the car as opposed to a leaflet that is easily discarded.

As well as given as promotional material, the air-freshener was also sold on the website to generate a small revenue. The design worked with a brief that imposed a maximum of 2 colours and maximum of 2 cuts to the scented 1200 micron board (max size 100mm height x 80mm width).

Calm Air Freshner
CALM freshner
CALM Adventure Tshirt
CALM Adventure 1