Patient Engagement and Interviews

In designing facilities for mental health patients in Charing Cross Hospital, a series of engagements took place to understand the requirements from stakeholders. These included hour-long interviews and focus groups with patients, carer, clinician and MET policeman. The next phase will evaluate the implemented design, quantify the differences for users and extend the facility outdoors.

(left) An online survey determined a list of themes to be discussed with participants, these themes are made into a deck of cards to facilitate conversation. Each participant were asked to identify 3 key themes from the deck.

Models, photos and plans of the ED were presented to prompt conversation and help participants visualise their journey. Two engagement tools were used: A deck of themed cards was produced through an online survey, to facilitate the interview process; while mental maps allow visualisation of conscious and unconscious transactions between people, spaces and objects, capturing data that may otherwise be lacking. These maps illustrated patients’ subjective experiences of the ED pathway. Patients underlined the desire for improved facilities and separation from waiting areas.

Participant 2’s Journey in the old facility

Participant 2 accompanied drawing of the confined assessment room with words to describe the overall experience.

Participant 3’s Journey in the new facility

The overall journey and perceived care is influenced by a range of factors. The research identified the built environment as a crucial junction.